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Fabricon Machining Fracing & Coil Tubing Pump Parts MP&A Wireline
Fabricon Machining Fracing & Coil Tubing Pump Parts MP&A Wireline

From The Beginning...

Fabricon Inc. was purchased in 2010 and put under new management with a forward looking vision for the future. We consider our three greatest assets to be Our Customers, Our Suppliers and Our Employees. With this in mind we strive to take care of and build growing and lasting relationships with all.

Fabricon Inc. is a full fledged machine shop. Fabricon also owns and supplies Wireline Equipment thru our MP&A Division. On our Website, you will find our full line of Equipment along with other helpful information.

Following you will find our Mission Statement which we strive to improve on each and every day.

Mission Statement

Fabricon Inc. is committed to striving each and every day to provide our Customers maximum value with every product ordered, to include maximum value in Quality, Innovation, Technology, Productivity and Responsiveness.

To Achieve This Goal

Our system, procedures and processes, beginning with receipt of order to shipment of order are designed with consistencies to ensure success, but with flexibilities to provide each Customer with their individual requirements without burdening them with activities and cost that are not a part of their individual requirements. This includes keeping the system simple, understandable and unburdened by unnecessary activities that do not bring added value to each individual Customer. Careful implementation of this Mission Objective will result in a better future for our Customers and for Fabricon Inc.


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