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"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic relationship we have developed with Fabricon. Due to the extremely tight tolerances and precision required to manufacture our parts for the medical equipment industry, we are not an easy customer to please – but Fabricon repeatedly meets and exceeds expectations. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we appreciate the level of customer support and interaction Fabricon devotes to each of our projects. We look forward to many more years and many new projects with Fabricon."

- S. King,
Medical Equipment Industry


MP&A Wireline

MP&A Wireline ProductFabricon Inc. purchased the MP&A Wireline Product Line early 2010. Since Fabricon has its own machining and fabrication operations it was a good fit as it greatly enhanced our ability to be responsive to the Wireline Industry in addition to having a greater control over total quality products. We provide a wide array of quality Wireline products. Most items mentioned below can be shipped in a day or two and some on same day.

Following are just some of the products we provide: Measure Heads, Encoders, Odometers, Weight systems and gages, Crown Blocks, Odometer Cables, Encoder Cables, Parallel Arm Assemblies, Ground Reels, Wellhead Pressure Reels, Measure Head Cradles etc. Our goal is to grow our business by being Responsive to our customer needs, Providing a quality product and building long last relationships/partnerships.



Wireline Industry Experts

Operation Maintenance and Illustrated Parts ManualMP&A Wireline Products was founded in May, 2002 with a strong desire to offer a quality and competitive alternative to the wireline industry with adjustable measuring systems and related components. Over the years, intimate knowledge of the business was gained and a passion that continues today.

Relying on decades of experience manufacturing wireline products and the tutelage of several prominent "oilfield folks," subtle, but necessary changes were initiated to a popular and reliable adjustable measuring system. Although some changes were aesthetic, most were made to create a more reliable, longer lasting unit.

Most components for our equipment are manufactured in house, with close supervision and are inspected with complete scrutiny to ensure they are to spec and assemblies are to print. And our prices will always remain competitive in the industry. Our team is ready and able to supply you with measureheads and spare or replacement parts. I guarantee you will see a difference.

MP&A Wireline Products


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