Fabricon Plungers

Fabricon Plungers have advanced in Performance due to significant trials and testing. During the past two years, Fabricon has invested tremendous efforts in time, money, materials, manufacturing methods and processes.

Key Components Of Plunger Success

  • Selection Of Specialized Materials
  • Preparation Of Materials
  • Tried And Tested Manufacturing Procedures To Include Dimensions, Tolerances And Consistency
  • Processing For Plunger Stroke Surface

Our processing for plunger stroke area becomes a part of the plunger and therefore will not peel off, flake or crack and has been reported by customers testing our plunger that it runs cooler which results in extended seal life. This in turn increases run times and reduce seal cost.

Service Pump Plungers

Service Pump Plungers

Confidence in our Product

We are confident that based on the above combined with test results and reports from various repeat customers that Fabricon has a Premium Plunger that has and will continue to offer many hours of added in service pump time.

Customer Testimonials

"Packing last twice as long when using Fabricon's plungers."

"Fabricon's Plungers last around 40% longer than a tungsten plunger."

"Increased run time and longer seal life."

"Less maintenance in the field."

"In this test the Fabricon Plunger never leaked."

"Seal life was increased while running Fabricon's plungers."

All of these result in more pumping time and less maintenance while running the Fabricon Plunger!

"Provides More Value For Our Money!"

"We've seen longer running hours both as a high and an average! Fabricon's plunger provides more value for our money and is superior!"

- Satisfied Customer